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Area Rug Cleaning

Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Care will pick up your Oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian carpets and decorator rugs and clean them at our exclusive 7 stage gentle rug cleaning plant here in Toronto. After giving them the finest rug cleaning and restoration treatment, we will deliver them to you looking like new. We hand wash your beautiful silk rugs and expertly repair damaged and worn rugs including fringes.

Our professional drivers will pick up your valuable hand knotted rugs, machine made rugs, Oriental silk, wool and decorator rugs from the World over, deliver them in our security vans to our rug cleaning plant right here in Toronto.

Our rug cleaning plant is the most advanced, comprehensive rug cleaning operation in Toronto. Our highly trained rug technicians will meticulously clean and restore your rugs to look like new. We also carry out professional rug repairs, including fringes.

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

Reliable Carpet Care employs Toronto's BEST Internationally qualified Rug Washing Specialist.

After your rugs have been carefully cleaned and restored we will promptly return them to you.

Reliable Carpet Care has been entrusted with cleaning area rugs valued at over $3 million and guarantee to look after your precious rugs and investment pieces.

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

Below you find one of our Reliable Rug Cleaning Tech Notes - information sheets to download containing valuable hints and tips.

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Area Rug Care GuideOriental, Exotic Area Rugs (332kb)


Also, for detailed cleaning information of specific washable and non-washable surfaces, visit our information site at:

Special Care - Every rug type has unique characteristics. So, clearly one cleaning method is not suitable for every rug. At Reliable, we know how to choose the right rug cleaning materials and the most effective rug cleaning equipment to give your precious rugs the special care they deserve.

Professional rug cleaning - All free dirt, dust, grit, mites and mite carcasses have to be dislodged and removed from the rug before the actual professional cleaning process can begin. Reliable has the special rug cleaning equipment to do this properly without any damage to your rug.

Free Area Rug Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery

Once all the initial grime and dirt has been removed, Reliable's rug cleaning procedure often requires chemicals with varying pH values to finish the job. However, once the rug cleaning is completed, we restore its original pH grade by neutralizing any remaining rug cleaning chemicals.

Unlike many rug cleaning companies, we specialize in cleaning delicate rugs of all kinds, including Persian rugs, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Silk rugs, antique and handmade rugs.

At Reliable Carpet Care, each Oriental area rug is cleaned individually with special attention to detail. At our state of-the-art rug cleaning facility, we determine the best cleaning technique and method for your rug's particular weave, fibers and dyes. We ensure your satisfaction with the best cleaning results and extend the life of your rug and protection of your investment. Our rug cleaning technicians use cutting edge cleaning technology to deep clean and revive the colours of your rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

Reliable Carpet's policy is that rug cleaning should encompass the most complete service to the client, and dedication to the art of Oriental Rugs.

High-powered air movers are used in the rug drying process, thus minimizing the inconvenience and health risks. Hand-brushing is used for fine wool rugs and silk rugs for maximum sheen and softness.


Cleaning your rug at Home: Regular rug vacuuming keeps your area rugs in good condition. Soil particle removal is essential as the sharp edges of dust particles have an abrasive effect on the rug fibers.

Be extra careful when cleaning the rug fringes, as excess mechanical action may cause unraveling and separation.

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